Superficial Electron Therapy 101

Superficial electron therapy, also known as electron-beam therapy, is a non-invasive alternative to surgery for non-melanoma skin cancer. This state-of-the-art skin cancer treatment offers an appealing alternative for patients seeking non-invasive treatment with potentially better cosmetic outcomes for skin cancer. 

How Does Superficial Electron Therapy Work?

Superficial electron therapy consists of very tiny electrically charged particles generated in a linear accelerator. The charged electron particles are directed at the designated tumor area and release a controlled dose to the cancer tissue. The non-penetrating electron beam kills the cancer cells. 

Benefits of Superficial Electron Therapy

This non-invasive alternative to skin cancer surgery has several benefits, including:

Little to no discomfort 

Electron beam therapy is painless. In most cases, patients will hear buzzing or clicking noises as the linear accelerator rotates during their treatment. No cutting is performed during this treatment. 

Less than five minutes

Each session lasts less than five minutes. However, the entire treatment is completed in 10 to 30 sessions. Patients can expect to return to their normal daily routines right after their treatment visit. 

Minimal or no scarring

Electron beam therapy is a bladeless treatment and does not involve the use of cutting the skin to get rid of the cancer. Therefore, this treatment is well-suited for treating cosmetically and functionally sensitive areas, such as the nose, ears, lips or around the eyes. 

No limitations or restrictions

With electron beam therapy, patients do not have to stop taking their medications. They may remain on prescribed blood thinners or other medications without any interruptions. 

High cure rate

Electron beam therapy is very effective at destroying both basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas. Most of the published studies report cure rates ranging from 90% to 98%. However, many factors can affect the likelihood of cure, such as the size of the cancer, location, the subtype of histology, etc. 

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You don’t need to worry about long visits at the doctor’s office or treatment slowing your life down. With electron-beam therapy, you can get back to your normal daily routine right after your treatment session. No cutting, no limitations or restrictions and no downtime.Superficial electron therapy is now available at ForCare Medical Center. Request a Dermatology Appointment here.

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