7 Unhealthy Skin Habits You Need to Stop

Following a skin care routine is essential for skin integrity and appearance, as well as to alleviate any skin conditions that develop. Maintaining healthy skin care habits will help you look more youthful, halt premature wrinkles, and prevent acne. Prevention is always easier than making repairs, so it is optimal to follow healthy skin habits now to avoid needing care in the future.

Unhealthy Skin Habits You Need to Stop Today

Over Exfoliation 

Although some exfoliation is important because it removes excess dirt and grime, exfoliating too often can make your skin sensitive and irritated because it removes all the protective layers that defend the skin from bacteria, pollutants, and other environmental elements. Too much exfoliation makes our skin dry and less capable of absorbing moisture, which can lead to acne or eczema. 

Picking and Scratching 

Picking and scratching at dry patches or pimples can significantly damage your skin. 

Dry patches occur when the natural oils in your skin get stripped away by certain products like alcohol-based toners or moisturizers that contain mineral oil. The best way to keep dry patches from returning is by moisturizing with a product that is right for your particular skin type.

Similarly, pimples occur when hair follicles clogged with oil and dead skin cells become infected with bacteria. If you pop these pimples, you can push bacteria deeper into the skin, causing swelling and redness. Picking at your dry patches or pimples can also lead to scabs, which can result in permanent scarring as confirmed by the Brandon, Florida dermatologists at PHDermatology.


Smoking harms your skin in a number of ways. It dries out your skin, causes wrinkles and premature aging, leads to acne, and it can make you more prone to getting cold sores. The nicotine in cigarettes also makes your blood vessels shrink, which leads to less oxygen flow to your skin, leaving it dull and lifeless. With less oxygen, your skin receives less nutrients, so it is never fully healthy. 

Not Washing Your Face at Night

Not washing your face at night or forgetting to take your makeup off at the end of the day can have many disastrous effects on your skin. Cleansing your face at night will rid your skin of dirt, oil, and other harmful external pollutants. If you do not remove these impurities before falling asleep, your pores can become clogged, leading to inflammation and breakouts. 

Not Drinking Enough Water

Water is vital for our health because it flushes out toxins and impurities that accumulate in the body. When you don’t drink enough water, all of these harmful substances can build up in your skin cells, causing problems like acne, bad breath, fatigue and more. Drinking water also helps keep your skin hydrated and glowing. 

Not Wearing Enough Sunscreen

Not wearing any sunscreen or enough sunscreen when you are exposed to the elements will wreak havoc on your skin. UV rays are highly damaging to the skin, resulting in sunburns, premature aging, increased wrinkles, and skin cancer. You should wear sunscreen every day, as UV rays can reflect off of most surfaces, or protect your skin with clothing.

Using the Wrong Skincare Products

Finding the right skin care products for your skin can be a trial and error process. To pick the right products, you must first identify what kind of skin you have. For example, if you have dry skin and use a harsh exfoliator, then your skin will become even more dry and irritated than it already is. Determine how dry or oily your skin is and then consult with one of ForCare’s dermatologists to see what products are best for you to keep your skin looking radiant and revitalized. 

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