Total Body Skin Exam

Total Body Skin Exam

Total body skin exams are the life-saving appointments that every adult should schedule at least once in their life. After your initial appointment, your dermatologist will determine how often you should come in, depending on your medical history and various risk factors.

What is a Total Body Skin Exam?

A total body skin exam provides the opportunity for your dermatologist to examine every potentially-problematic area on the body for skin cancer and other abnormal growths. These screenings should be a regular part of your healthcare routine as they can aid in the early detection of skin cancer when it is most treatable.

Who Needs a Total Body Skin Exam?

While not everybody will need an annual skin exam, everyone should receive a total body skin exam at least once in early adulthood to determine a baseline. From there, your provider will recommend how often you should come back based on their professional opinion.

Annual skin exams are generally recommended to anyone who has a:

  • History of melanoma or skin cancer
  • Close relative who has had skin cancer
  • Large number of moles
  • History of atypical moles
  • History of tanning bed
  • History of blistering sun burns
  • Significant amount of sun exposure during the day

What to Expect During a Total Body Skin Exam

Before your appointment, note any areas on your skin that you are currently concerned about and share these with your provider before the exam starts. You may be asked to remove your clothing and place a gown on to allow your provider visual access to any potential growths.
The examination will cover every area from the top of the scalp to the bottoms of the feet, paying special attention to areas frequently exposed to the sun. Exams usually take less than 20 minutes to complete, especially if your provider does not find anything suspicious.
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