Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot, also known as Tinea Pedia, is a skin condition caused by the fungus, tinea. It usually occurs between the toes but can also affect other areas of the feet. Athlete’s foot usually happens to people whose feet have become very sweaty while confined in tightfitting shoes or walking around barefoot in public places.

Symptoms of Athlete’s Foot:

The most common symptoms of athlete’s foot include:

  • Itching, stinging and burning between the toes
  • Blisters on the feet
  • Scaling or peeling skin
  • Cracking and peeling skin on the feet
  • Discolored, thick and crumbly toenails

Causes of Athlete’s Foot:

Athlete’s foot is caused by a fungus called tinea. This fungus thrives in warm, damp environments, such as damp socks, locker rooms, and showers. Athlete’s foot is contagious and can be spread by contact with someone who has the fungus.
Possible risk factors for athlete’s foot include:

  • Visiting public places barefoot
  • Wearing tight, closed-toe shoes or damp socks
  • Sweaty feet
  • Keeping your feet wet for long periods of time

Treatment for Athlete’s foot:

There are several ways to treat athlete’s foot, including:

  • Medications – Over-the-counter topical antifungal medications, such as miconazole, terbinafine, clotrimazole, and butenafine.
  • Prescription medications – Topical, prescription-strength clotrimazole, oral antifungal medications, topical steroid medications, and oral antibiotics.

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