What your skin says about your health: What you should know

Your skin plays a significant role in keeping you healthy and can tell a lot about what’s going on inside your body. Here’s a closer look at how your skin protects you and what certain skin conditions mean when it comes to your overall health. The role of your skin Your skin is the largest […]

Board-Certification: Why it matters when choosing a doctor

When you’re looking for a new doctor, are you paying attention to whether or not that doctor is board-certified? Most experts say you should be and here’s why. What does it mean to be board certified? To become a doctor, a bachelor’s degree must first be obtained. Once a bachelor’s degree is received, medical school […]

TeleMedicine: A new approach in the COVID-19 era

In these trying times, nearly all businesses across the US and around the world are seeing major declines, especially businesses that have foot traffic.  For medical practices, the need for our patients and staff to shelter at home has stifled our ability to provide the continuity and quality of care that we are accustomed to […]

Tampa clinical research facility sheds light on clinical trials for coronavirus

By: Jillian Ramos TAMPA, Fla. — As talks of a vaccine and treatment for COVID-19 continue, we reached out to ForCare Medical Group to find out more about how clinical trials work and the length of time they normally take. Dr. Seth Forman and his team are on the front lines of clinical research. Right now, they […]

Into Thin Air – The Risks of Vaping

In a 2.5 billion dollar a year industry just in the United States, vapes (or e-cigarettes) are taking the country by storm. The unique and colorful styles along with all the different flavorings and additive choices that are out there, are a huge pull to the youth, as well as adults alike. In this blog, […]

Spring is here and so are the Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

Spring is in full bloom and unfortunately pollen is at an all-time high, which for some of us means sniffling and sneezing due to allergies. Allergies also account for a good majority of asthma flare-ups, and here in Florida, trees begin pollinating in the spring (followed by grasses and weeds) and can wreak havoc on those of […]

Rheumatology – A Closer Look

It’s a common question.  What is rheumatology and what do rheumatologists treat?  We have all heard of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), but the fact is that RA is only one of many conditions that Rheumatologists specialize in. So, what is Rheumatology?  Rheumatology is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect joints, muscles and bones.  These […]

The ForCare Difference

One of the most challenging decisions to make is where to go to get the medical care that you need, in the time of need.  Friends and family often help by providing recommendations, which can be a great source, but even friends and family often don’t really know all of the options that are available […]