June is Men’s Health Month, and its purpose is to educate men and boys about preventable health issues and early detection and treatment of specific diseases. One topic that is often overlooked is men’s skincare. Your skin plays a vital role in the protection of your health, but developing a routine can have many more benefits.

Skin Issues Men Face

Men and women face similar skin issues, but some, like razor burn and melanoma, affect men more often. According to Gillette, men average about 170 strokes while shaving, and about 150 are re-strokes. Razor burn, or rash, is a skin irritation that results from using a dull blade, dry shaving, or pressing too hard when shaving. Other common skin issues faced are acne, eczema, sunburn, rosacea, and athlete’s foot.

Men also have differences in their skin that play a part in raising their chances of developing melanoma. After the age of 50, men are more likely to develop melanoma and die from it. Added factors are being less likely to use sunscreen, and lack of knowledge of the dangers of not protecting the skin.

Easy Guide to Getting Started


Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Even with minimal effort, you can have lasting results. Below are some simple, yet effective tips to get started:

Skin and Overall Health

Skin issues affect your skin’s ability to provide protection; it also can have negative impacts on your confidence, relationships, and even performance. By taking care of your skin, you contribute to your overall health and well-being. Remember, there is nothing to lose by taking care of your skin. Your skin should be examined annually by a dermatologist for early skin cancer interventions, along with any persistent or concerning skin issues you may have,

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