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How to Keep Your Skin Glowing this Holiday Season

If you are in disbelief that the holiday season is already upon us, you are not alone. From the family gatherings to delicious feasts we will all soon take part in; it is easy to get caught up and forget how stressful the holiday season can be. These effects can last long after the holidays, and I’m not talking about the warm fuzzies from the holiday cheer. Lack of sleep, stress, and overindulgence in sugary sweets can be taxing on your entire body. Your skin is no exception. Let’s take a look at some ways your skin is impacted by the holidays.

Holidays and Your Daily Skin Care Routine

Getting glammed up for all those holiday parties is always fun. What’s not so fun is clogged pores and bumpy skin from not washing your makeup off before bed. Keeping up your daily skincare routine even on the latest of nights will keep your skin fresh and help prevent unwanted blemishes. Also, as the weather gets and remains colder, your skin dries out a lot faster. So, being a little more diligent in applying moisturizer will help keep it from getting too dry.

Holiday Food and Your Skin



What would the holidays be without your favorite eats, treats, and for those that partake, spirits? Indulging in a few of your faves is hardly avoidable, but consuming too much alcohol and sugary treats can damage your skin. Sugar and alcohol produce free radicals and accelerate aging in your skin, so you will want to limit them. Instead of alcohol-heavy drinks, opt for a wine spritzer with sparkling water and a splash of red wine. These are also great with your favorite fruit added to them. Remember to drink lots of water and listen to what your skin is telling you. If it is changing, your diet likely has a lot to do with it.

Holiday Stress and Your Skin

The skin’s natural barrier prevents harmful substances from entering the body and essential fluids from escaping it. Stress compromises that barrier and causes an increase in oil production and thicker hair follicles. These lead to more breakouts. The stress of holiday travel can also cause you to forget your daily essentials for a trip, and this can mess with the overall balance of your skin while away. Don’t take on too many commitments and avoid overspending. These are a few tips to help reduce stress. You can also purchase a natural barrier product to help your skin through this holiday season.

ForCare Dermatology

If the holidays have taken the freshness out of your skin, you are struggling with breakouts, or a skin condition, our board-certified dermatologists can help. ForCare has all of the options to get that youthful glow back or skin condition under control. With services such as HydraFacial’s, dermaplane, a variety of fillers, and more, we are your all-in-one skincare, solution provider. Our caring, attentive staff will work to find the right solution for you. To learn more about all of the dermatology services we offer, or to make an appointment, call us at (813) 960-2400.