One of the most challenging decisions to make is where to go to get the medical care that you need, in the time of need.  Friends and family often help by providing recommendations, which can be a great source, but even friends and family often don’t really know all of the options that are available and how their doctor stacks up to the rest.

If you are seeking a great provider and supporting staff that will give you the time and attention that you deserve to evaluate your medical needs, provide you with best-in-class treatment options and closely monitor your results, then you want to make sure that you are considering all of the options. 

So, what do you need to consider when looking for a provider?  Start with the basics such as:

Your relationship with you provider starts on day one.  When you call to schedule an appointment, you should feel welcomed and valued.  When you arrive, you should also feel welcomed and your wait time should be reasonable.  If the doctor is running behind, which happens to any doctor from time-to-time as some patients have acute needs that take longer than others, you should be informed of the longer wait time so you can plan your day and make allowances.

When the doctor sees you, he or she should be attentive, address your concerns, answer your questions and provide you with information related to treatments and medications that they prescribe.  They should proactively schedule follow-up to evaluate your condition after treatment to ensure that it is working, or perhaps make modifications to as needed.

All of the above values and pillars of great customer services are what ForCare staff and providers believe in and strive for every single day.  Not only are the ForCare Doctors some of the best in the business, they have a symphony of outstanding medical and operational staff around them to help ensure that each and every patient receives the best possible care.

The new ForCare Medical Center is a state-of-the-art medical facility that further exemplifies the investment and care that ForCare has put into its patients.  We invite you to give us a call and schedule to see one of our Family Practice Doctors, Dermatologists or Rheumatologists.  ForCare can provide you with the point of care that you need and has relationships with all of the local specialists for outside specialty evaluations and testing. 

At ForCare, we are FOR your CARE, and we will manage your care every step of the way.  By advocating for each and every one of our patients, we ensure the best care. Call ForCare today and see the ForCare difference for yourself!

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